Claudio Pelissero

Music Composer & Sound Designer


Certificate of Excellence - Best Score
Brooklin International Film Festival (WBFF)
Special Star - Best Score
Best Music Video (direction and composition)
International Capalbio Film Festival - Short Is More
Best Music Video (direction and composition)
Fandango - Video Clipped The Radio Stars

Television / Media Corporate

Legends and Heroes – (Music) – NBA THE FINALS BROADCAST OPEN 2013 - 2014 - 2015/NBC-ESPN SPORTS NET/ MIBE MUSIC
Amish Mafia – (segment composer - 4 episodes) – Eric Evangelista/MIBE MUSIC
Amish Haunting – (segment composer - 3 episodes) – Eric Evangelista/MIBE MUSIC
The Real Housewife of Miami – (segment composer - 4 episodes) – Michael McNamara/MIBE MUSIC
Breaking the Faith – (segment composer - 2 episodes) – Dominic Musacchio/MIBE MUSIC
Married To Medicine – (segment composer - 2 episodes) – Fremantle Media North America/MIBE MUSIC
Revolt TV Promo – (Music) – REVOLT TV/PHANTOM POWER
2013 Auto Racing – (Music) – NBC SPORTS NET
Beyonce World Tour Promo – (Music) – MIBE MUSIC
Watching the sun – (Music) – Survive the 25/NBC SPORTS NET
Soccer Tatctics – (Sound Design and Mixing/Mastering) – PIXONIC/DFAD
Destiny – (Music) – Survive the 25/NBC SPORTS NET
Falken Tire – (Music)Porsche
R U Pinko? – (Music) – Pinko
High Pass – (Music and Sound Design)Hewlett-Packard
Zobeide – (Music and Sound Design)Triennale of Milan
Bradipo – (Music and Music Supervisor)Groucho Film / MTV Europe
Carglass – (Arranger)National Campaign TV/Radio
Equilon – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Sirky – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
China Martini –
(Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
(Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Fuji Film – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Nutella Ferrero – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Coca Cola – (Music) National Campaign Arabian Market TV/Radio
Kraft – (Music) National Campaign Arabian Market TV/Radio
Vivident – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Spatafora – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Taft – (Music)National Campaign Germany TV/Radio
Zuegg – (Music)National Campaign Germany TV/Radio
Trussardi – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Daikin – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Ecolution – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Eminflex – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Gomgel – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio
Friliver – (Music)National Campaign TV/Radio


Mica To Greenland – (Music, director Jay Mcmillan) – North Face/Sherpas Cinema
Sculpted In Time: The Innovator – (Music, director Dave Mossop) – Sherpas Cinema
Power Trip – (Music) – Arya Zarifi
The Age of Wars - (Music and Sound Design) – Licantro Bros
The Society – (Music) – Robby Sparks
Being: Liverpool – (Music - 3 episodes, produced by Scott Boggins) – FOX SOCCER/CHANNEL 5/MIBE MUSIC
Survive The 25 – (Music, director Clark Cambern) – NBC SPORTS NET
Auto Racing 2013 – (Music, Episode 4) – NBC SPORTS NET
All I Can – (Music, director Dave Mossop) – Sherpas Cinema
Suburban Knights – (Music, director Doug Walker) – Rob and Doug Walker
Maledimiele – (Music, Sound Design and Music Supervisor, director Marco Pozzi)Warner Chappell
Partiti Per Bergamo –
(Music and Sound Design)Warner Chappell
Dimmi Qual’e’ Il Colore Del Cielo – (Music, Sound Design and Music Supervisor)Warner Chappell
Il Primo Giorno –
(Music and Sound Design)Warner Chappell
Senza Tregua – (Music)Warner Chappell
D Lake – (Music and Sound Design)NuN/Edel
Digital Scream – (Music)NuN/Edel
Venti – (Music and Music Supervisor, director Marco Pozzi)411 Productions / Bongiorno Productions
Doom – (Music, director Marco Pozzi)411 Productions
Assolo – (Music, director Marco Pozzi)Groucho Film

Video Games

Transformes 4 - Trailer/Promo – (Sound Design) – Ant Farm/Phantom Power
Destiny - Trailer/Promo – (Sound Design) – Ant Farm/Phantom Power
Call Of Duty : Ghosts - Trailer/Promo – (Music) – Activision/Phantom Power
Starpoint Gemini 2 – (Music) – Iceberg Interactive
Call Of Duty : Ghosts - Trailer/Promo – (Music) – Activision/Phantom Power
Call Of Duty : DLC2 Uprising BTS - Trailer/Promo – (Music) – Activision/ScoreAScore
X Box Forza3 – (Additional Music) – Microsoft Games
House of 1000 Doors – (Music – Mixing/Mastering) – Alawar/DFAD
Hacker Evolution Duality – (Additional Music) – Exosyphen Studios
The Saint : Abyss of Despair – 
(Music – Sound Design – Mixing/Mastering) – Alawar/DFAD
Mission In Space – (Music) – Storm Alligator
The Saint : Abyss of Despair Cinematics – (Music – Sound Design – Mixing/Mastering) – Alawar/DFAD
Forbidden Secrets : Alien Town – (Additional Music – Sound Design – Mixing/Mastering) – Alawar/DFAD
Esoterica – (Sound Design – Mixing/Mastering) – DFAD


Maledimiele Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – (Composer and Producer)Warner Chappell
Rain (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) –
(Composer and Producer)Armada Music
Cygnes (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Composer and Producer)Black Hole Recordings
Public Domain (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Composer and Producer)Warner Chappell
The Great Dictator – (Composer and Producer)Universal Music
Elisa “Happiness Is Home” (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Remix)Sugar/Universal Music
Elisa “Gift” (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Remix)Sugar/Universal Music
Eye Hear (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Composer and Producer)NuN/Edel
Music 4 Young Flyers (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Composer and Producer)Red Music
Virtually (using the pseudonym “Claud9”) – (Composer and Producer)Universal Music


Maledimiele – Cecchi Gori Home Video
All I Can – Sherpas Cinema
Public Domain – Warner Chappell Music Italy
Venti – Sharada
Senza Tregua – Sharada

Fashion Show Videos

Timeless – (Music and Music Supervisor)2011 Spring/Summer collection of Maliparmi
Garden Of Diversity – (Music)2010 Spring/Summer collection of Maliparmi
Ioipseidem – (Music)New collection Iopseidem
Rebecca Brown –
(Music and Music Supervisor)New collection Rebecca Brown
Samsonite – (Music Supervisor and Sound Design)New collection Samsonite
Samsonite – (Music Supervisor and Sound Design)New collection Samsonite


Teacher of "Design of Multimedia Musical Sound Spaces" at the university of Milan