Italian Composer and Producer Claudio Pelissero (aka clAud9) is becoming renowned for his unique brand of Electronic and Orchestral music as featured in several soundtracks for clients including Martini, Porsche, NBC/ESPN SPORTS NET as well as Italian Fashion brands Romeo Gigli, Trussardi and Maliparmi.

A mysterious character hiding behind various projects, Claudio has a real preference for the use of technology applied to music. This isn’t a limit though, but a conscious and intelligent use of the possibilities offered by the computer, whose role is simply that of an instrument in the hands of a composer.

His remarkable ability to mix analog synths with digital sounds alongside orchestral instruments has lead him to open doors in the celluloid world and compose soundtracks for short and full-length films as well as which helped Claudio to make a name for himself worldwide.

Cygnes, one of his electronic compositions, became a massive dance hit in 2009, and most recently it was featured as soundtrack for Microsoft top seller Xbox Video Game “Forza3”. With Marco Pozzi’s film “Venti” soundtrack composition and production, he took part in the Berlin Film Festival and he also received the prize for Best Original Soundtrack at the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival in New York.

In 2006 he was asked by Universal Music Italy to be the artistic producer for “The Great Dictator”, an ambitious project based around the legendary Chaplin monologue as seen on the 1940 homonym film.  From 2006 to 2010 Claudio was one of the very few Italian artists and composers exclusively signed to Warner Chappell Italy for whom he has written and produced several adverts and films soundtracks.

Most recently, he has composed and produced the original soundtrack for Marco Pozzi’s film “Maledimiele”, as already showcased at Venice latest International Film Festival.  In 2011, Claudio has ended his collaboration with Warner and joined BMI, and it’s already looking like the first step toward his new partnership with the

American film and Video Games industry, which is certainly much closer to Claudio Pelissero’s composing and producing music style than any other.